Review by Ashley Knight

If you're looking for a book to whisk you into another world - one that will make you forget your cares & concentrate soley on the characters the book creates, Eldala is for you. It is a lovely book - one I could not put down. I read the iBook version in a day. The main character, Keiran, is strong but human in his weakness - very relatable & very well described. The tale is well thought out & each of the many characters has their important place. I loved Keiran's ability to control the elements, to heal, etc (don't want to reveal too much). The stones were something new & unique to what I've read & I enjoyed the bond it created between the holders immensely. I liked the fact that the lovers didn't immediately fall in love. Nicely written - keeps the readers on the edge of their seats. I could see this making a very nice middle earth type film. Beautifully described, exciting action scenes, tasteful lusty moments.

There were a few things i thought could strengthen Eldala: the iBook repeated a few paragraphs between pages (I'm sure this is iBooks fault & not the authors fault). One paragraph stated a horse whickered - I'm not sure what that is - I'm thinking the author meant nickered.

As with many first books, there were quite a few passive sentences throughout the pages that could have strengthened the book as a whole had they been caught & modified. Please don't let these from very minor concerns sway you from reading Eldala. It is an exciting, romantic, beautiful read & I look forward to more works from this budding author.
- Ashley Knight, author of Fins & Fathom.