Review by Olivia J. Herrell

Fellow blogger, Olivia J. Herrell of That Rebel with a Blog posted this review March 26, 2011. Thank you, Olivia.

"Eldala, Heart of my Heart"

Thank you, Michelle Gregory, author of Eldala. I finished reading your book a couple of nights ago and found it charming, delightful and, to be perfectly honest (I'm showing my guts here), enlightening. It's a tale of two people whose hearts become entwined then are wrenched apart.

Prophecy, fate, magical curses and power all play a hand in Kieran and Jessara's lives. Though set in a different time and place, I couldn't help but draw parallels between the curse upon Teleria and the utter chaos going on in the world around us today.

Closer to home, watching these two characters dance around each others 'stories' gave me a powerful insight in to my own love relationship. What appears to be missing, may not be. And what is as plain as the nose on your face to one person may not be so evident to the other.

Thank goodness these two had fate and a talented writer prodding them together. In real life (mine) that is not usually the case. I almost lost my Eldala.

Understanding, like inspiration, often comes from the most unlikely place. Who'd a thunk that reading a love story peopled with evil despots and curses and magic (read fantasy) would clue me in to what a big lug I've been for the last seven years.

Thank you, Michelle Gregory (my fellow HSP) from the bottom of my heart. And, thank you to my Eldala, for not letting go.

To everyone else, if you like a good love story spiced with danger, intrique, a kingdom to be saved and a people to be freed, Eldala is your ticket.

If you're touchy feely, like me, order the paperback version. If you're more like my sister-in-law, Carolyn, and prefer your books in digital form, you'll find those, too. But, either way, grab your copy soon.

OH YES! And thank you to Christine Hole at The Writers Hole. I won my copy of Eldala in her You've Come a Long Way Baby Contest/Blogfest and how lucky for me. Thanks, Christine!

~ Olivia J. Herrell