51 copies of Eldala downloaded? I'm blown away

Whoever you are, all 51 of you, and you know who you are, many thanks for downloading Eldala from Smashwords. It was hard to believe that many people wanted to read my story. I know Donna Hole's great review had a lot to do with it because after she posted, the numbers went way up and stayed there.

I have a favor to ask, a way you could help this indie author, though it still feels strange to ask --

If you discover that you still like it by the end, would you post a review on Smashwords and Amazon? Even a sentence or two would work. You can find links to my Smashwords and Amazon pages on my sidebar.

If you're really enthusiastic about it and want to go further, could you post on your blog? I'd be happy to do some kind of giveaway and promote your blog here as well. if you're a writer and have a book out there, I'd be happy to return the favor.