Getting to Know me Through Eldala

There are many things I included in Eldala that I love and I thought I would share those as a way to get to know me better.

This does have spoilers, so be warned. :)

~~ The seashore ~ It's one of my favorite places to visit and I wish I could go more often. There's something about the smell and the sounds and the view that inspire me.

~~ Seashells ~ I've collected them since my first visit to the shore when I was a girl and my parents and grandparents would drive to Morro Bay, CA for a classic car show. I can remember going into a shell shop and coming home with some beautiful shells I wouldn't have found otherwise. I have collection now that's in my front bathroom. My two favorites are my nautilus shell that my husband and children got me for Christmas last year, and my abalone shell that I found at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show a few years ago.

~~ Flower Gardens ~ I would especially love to have a secret garden like Jessa's, and of course, it would have a fountain.

~~ Butterflies ~ I was almost jealous of Jessa when Kieran calls the butterflies, just before he proposes.

~~ Cardinals ~ They're among my favorite birds.

~~ Forests ~ Though I prefer pine forests because of their lovely smell, I like any forest.

~~ Dancing ~ Even though I don't dance, I love to watch it.

~~ Music ~ The song that Kieran and Jessara dance to is an actual song I found on iTunes, called "Songs From a Scottish Childhood" by Maggie Sansone.

~~ Roses ~ They're my very favorite flowers, followed closely by orange blossoms.

~~ Hummingbirds ~ Jessa just briefly mentions them, but they're another of my favorite birds.

~~ Romance ~ Obviously that's why I wrote one.

~~ Shoulder rubs ~ Nothing like one.

~~ A good sword fight ~ There are so many great ones from the movies... Ivanhoe, The Count of Monte Cristo, Dragonheart...

~~ Tea ~ Maybe that's why I put so many conversations in that happen over tea.

~~ Tattoos ~ Not a like so much as a fascination and admiration.

~~ Weddings

~~ Fierce loyalty

~~ Heart connections ~ To really connect with someone is one of the greatest things a human can experience. I have that with my husband.

~~ Happy Endings ~ I don't write tragedies.

~~ Redemption and Freedom ~ It seems that all the stories I come up with have to do with someone who's enslaved, either mentally, physically, or emotionally, and someone comes to their rescue.